Cuckoo Clock Hands 6
Designing cuckoo clocks is just like designing quilts. Some ideas work themselves out easily while others take time and patience (and fortitude!). I have a quilt that I use at lectures as an example of […]

On the Drawing Board: The Log Cabin Quilt Cuckoo Clock   Recently updated !

American Patchwork & Quilting
The Cuckoo Clock Designer in the News on the Mission of Spreading Smiles   The Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock was featured in the September 2016 issue of Birds & Blooms Magazine. The contest garnered more entries […]

The Cuckoo Clock Designer in the News

Barn Cuckoo 9
  The Quintessential American Barn Cuckoo Clock That’s my goal: to create a clock that says American farm through-and-through. It’s been interesting to reflect on such a notion. Being from New England I had in […]

On the Drawing Board: The American Barn Cuckoo Clock