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You will find detailed instructions for setting up your cuckoo clock when you open the white cuckoo clock box. (I have also scanned the Cuckoo Instructions.) These are provided by the manufacturer and since they are generic and in a number of languages, can be difficult to follow. I’ve found that customers often find them confusing. So, I’ve done two things to help you:

  1. Typed up my own instructions which originated with Cuckoo Doc extraordinaire, Keith Seabolt of The Clock Shop. You’ll find these when you open the box. And here’s a PDF of my Cuckoo Clock Setup Instructions which you can view and print.
  2. And I have made this video so you can see the steps in action:



Please feel free to contact us with any questions about your clock.

[email protected]

Text or call  (800) 272-0742. American Cuckoo Clock customers only please!

Wishing you years of smiles from your new cuckoo clock,

Jodie Davis The Cuckoo Clock Designer


P.S. Here’s another video, this one from the organization of Black Forest cuckoo makers to prepare and hang your clock properly and get it ticking — and singing — away!

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4 thoughts on “Setting Up Your Cuckoo Clock

  • joanne

    I would like one of your clocks and it seems perfect with the 8 day weights…..but, an automatic night shut-off would be wonderful. Would that mean that the clocks would be digital instead of manual and the weights wouldn’t be what winded the clock to work?

    Anyway, I’m voting for the automatic shut-off for night time.

    • JOdieRD Post author

      Hi Joanne,

      It would require a different movement, still weight driven. Hey, these cuckoo makers are hi-tech without digital!

      At some point I had the conversation about this possibility, but can’t remember what the outcome was other than it is more expensive and since I hadn’t had any requests I’d just add the 8-day at that point. But now I have reason to revisit it thanks to your request.

      I can’t remember if the cuckoo magician here in Georgia can do it, or if there isn’t enough room in the box as it is at present (or it could be that it needs a bigger opening — can’t recall) and would require the factory make them special.

      If the former it would take 6 to 8 weeks to get one to you (I’m guessing). If the latter it won’t be until next year as my last order of the Quilt Shop Cuckoo is boxed and ready for pickup by the freight forwarder in Germany.

      Thanks for asking. A customer asking for the 8-day is what got me rolling on that, and they have proven very popular. Could be the same with the auto shut off.

      Will let you know,


  • Greg Cassina


    I inherited a cuckoo clock from my grandmother. The hands were missing but I think I have the threaded parts (2) to hold the hands on. My question is how do I properly install the hands? I see which ones go where as there is a square hole and a round hole. The minute hand is secure but I can’t get the hour hand secure. This is an American Cuckoo Clock circa 1950ish? I currently have 2 threaded “nuts” of which one is cone shaped or tapered. Any pictures would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, if I am missing a washer or bushing I would like to know. Thank You!


    • JOdieRD Post author

      Hi Greg,

      The hour hand goes in first. It’s a pressure fit. Should have a metal nut attached to it. The domed nut should be last, on top of the minute hand. I’m not a repair person, so I don’t know the ins and outs of older clocks. The folks at are a great resource if you need more help.