Setting up Your Cuckoo Clock

You will find detailed instructions for setting up your cuckoo clock when you open the white cuckoo clock box. These are provided by the manufacturer and since they are generic and in a number of languages, can be difficult to follow. I’ve found that customers often find them confusing. So, I’ve done two things to help you:

  1. Typed up my own instructions which originated with Cuckoo Doc extraordinaire, Keith Seabolt of The Clock Shop. You’ll find these when you open the box.
  2. And I have made this video so you can see the steps in action:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about your clock.

[email protected]

Text or call (800) 272-0742. American Cuckoo Clock customers only please!

Wishing you years of smiles from your new cuckoo clock,

P.S. Here’s another video, this one from the organization of Black Forest cuckoo makers to prepare and hang your clock properly and get it ticking — and singing — away!