About Us

made usa cuckoo clock

“Enough with the wood choppers!” ~Jodie

Mention the words ” cuckoo clock” and you will hear a story of cherished childhood memories. It seems everyone was charmed early on by these boxes of joy.

The next words are, invariably, “I wonder where that cuckoo clock went?”

Aiming to continue the tradition, a search for a new cuckoo clock ensues. As our customers have so often said, “I couldn’t find a cuckoo clock that reflects my passions and interests, that fits into my home. Until I found yours.”

That is exactly why Jodie Davis designed her first cuckoo clock, and with that reaction to her first design, has built a business.

The Design Process

Have you ever wondered how a cuckoo clock comes to be?

Go behind-the-scenes in the workshop to see the development of each of our models direct from Jodie in her “Cuckoo Clock Design” series by clicking the clock that suits your fancy:

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Custom Cuckoo Clocks

Our clocks are hand crafted in small batches with attention to both aesthetic detail and mechanical quality using traditional clockworks imported from the Black Forest.

The uniqueness of our clocks is in the design. Jodie’s design customize the cuckoo clock to reflect the interests of people today.

Cuckoo clocks become family heirlooms, so we see our mission of spreading smiles spanning generations to come.