Jodie Davis Clock Designer

cuckoo clock designerHatched a different kind of chick, Jodie Davis’s inner muse tested this world this way and that, but she didn’t quite fit in anywhere — until a boyfriend’s intended insult became a gift of clarity. For him, “You live in a rubber duckie world,” was a put down: for Jodie it was the crystalizing moment.

She booted the boyfriend and set about letting her rubber duckie muse call the shots, to create her own world, her “It’s Rubber Duckie World!”

Thirty-five books later – her best seller, Rubber Duckie, sold 230,000 copies — Jodie became a top TV host in the crafting world shepherding an online network for quilters,, which was birthed in the early days of online TV. Her journey brought her to demonstrating products on HSN, guest co-hosting the most-seen crafts show on PBS, and producing and hosting long-running monthly series including Quilt Out Loud!, an off-the-wall lifestyle quilting show she created with Mark Lipinski and Quilt It, now in its seventh season.

But now it’s time for…

The Cuckoo Clock Designer

cuckoo clock designerCuckoo clocks!

A collector of German mid-century cuckoo clocks for years, Jodie jumped at the chance to journey to the premier cuckoo factory in the Black Forest. She turned it into an entre into designing her own clock, her ulterior motive for a visit to film an episode for a show she was producing and hosting.

Having imported multiple batches of her Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock since, Jodie was spurred on to create more designs for the many kindred souls who are likewise enchanted by these magical little boxes of Black Forest charm.

cuckoo clock designerAs she discovered, she’s not the only one who’s cuckoo for cuckoo clocks! Her second design, the Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock, made its debut in fall 2016. Next up was her American Barn Cuckoo Clock in fall 2017.

The Cuckoo Clock Story Continues…

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