Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock

Truly a hands-across-the-water collaboration, the Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock marries German technology with an American artists’s hand-carved birds.Bird Lovers Clock

The clock itself — everything but the birds — is made by Schneider Company, of Schonach, Germany. Schneider is known for their excellent craftsmanship and trouble-free clocks.

Made as they have been for nearly two centuries, with some clock parts made in cottage industries, the clock has a Regula movement that powers the bellows (isn’t it amazing that there is actually a man who has a company that just makes cuckoo bellows?) the cuckoo and the animated birds. The suet feeder on the right and the hopper feeder on the left are handmade. Schneider ships the entire clock in running order here to Georgia for the final touch.

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While envisioning the birds for the clock I sent Schneider photos of our most common feeder birds. Then as I looked for carved birds to show them the style I was after I found the birds that ended up on the clock. They were (and are) simply perfect. Well, that’s an idea; have American made birds on the clock! So I contacted Lance at Olde World Carvers and held my breath thinking I wouldn’t be able to afford them for the clock. It turned out American made was doable. Yeah!

backyard birds cuckoo clock

The good folks at Schneider sent Lance the prototype clock. Lance carved the birds to size, placed them on the clock, and sent me a picture. I nearly cried!

Next, Lance sent the clock on the next leg of its journey to Keith The Clock Doctor in Cleveland, Georgia. Fittingly, right by the alpine town of Helen, Georgia where he used to have his shop. Keith hooked the birds up to the animation and sent me a video. I did cry that time.

Two days later I drove up to pick it up. There it was on his wall when I walked in his shop. My initial reaction was that it is even better in person. I was reminded that that is exactly what I have heard more than once when a customer receives a Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock. So I had the same experience!

As is the case with every cuckoo clock, the cuckoo emerges to sing on the hour and half hour. The extra charm of an animated cuckoo clock is that the cuckoo sets off even more magic. In this case, the Blue Bird feeds the “baby”, (which is appropriate as some species of cuckoo are parasitic) and the Cardinal “pecks” for seed. Well, some simile thereof for both.

Details About Jodie’s Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clockbackyard birds cuckoo clock

    • Authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clock made by the oldest manufacturer in Germany
    • Hand carved Cardinal, Goldfinch, Blue Bird and Red-Bellied Woodpecker**
    • The birds are had carved by Lance Long and family of Olde World Carvings in South Carolina
    • Animation: On the hour  and half hour the cuckoo pops out of his door and sings, the Blue Bird feeds the cuckoo, and the Cardinal pecks
    • Cuckoo can be silenced manually
    • Instructions for setting up and caring for the clock are included
    • Two year warranty
    •  Measures 10″ W x 9.5″ T x 6.25″ D minus pendulum and weights
    •  Brass 1-day Regula movement*
    •  Pine cone cast weights

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*Movement requires winding twice each day.

**Please note that each bird is individually hand carved by a family of craftsmen in South Caroline. Therefore, the birds can vary from those you see in the photo. It’s called the mark of the hand!

Lance and his family make their living carving birds and Santas. You can find him where I found him, Olde World Carvings on Etsy


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