I’m Cuckoo For Barns!

With my second design (will tell you about that soon!) in the works, it’s time to get number three started. When I asked for suggestions I was pleasantly surprised that a barn cuckoo clock was such a popular choice.barn cuckoo clock

This quintessential American barn will have a fence and animals around it, and whatever other farm-ish accouterments work. Can’t wait to see what the folks at the factory come up with for the animation!

Help Make a Decision

My question for you is in regards to a thought my step mother Jayne had as I drew out the design for her. She suggested I have “See Rock City” stenciled on the roof. Great idea! Trouble, is I’m wondering if it’s a regional thing, so many people won’t get it. Her other suggestion in that case was to put “Chew Mail Pouch” on the roof, as that may be more widely recognized.

barn cuckoo clock

So, I’m putting out to you:

1. “See Rock City”

2. “Chew Mail Pouch” or

3. Nothing, a blank roof?


barn cuckoo clock

What do you think?

Please leave a comment below.

Thanks for your input!