Help! The factory sent me photos of the birds they made for our next clock, the Bird Lover’s Cuckoo Clock.  I’d like your reaction. But let’s start at the beginning.

Bird Lover’s Cuckoo Clock Concept Drawing

This is Bird Lovers Cuckoo Clockwhat I sent them to show what I had in mind.

Note that the birds are large.

My idea is that it’s much like a bird box or bird feeder as we’d see here in the States.

Maybe a suet feeder on one side; a hopper seed feeder on the other side.

I suggested some possible animations, but always leave it up to the experts.

Images for the Bird Lover’s Cuckoo Clock

I included pictures of all of the elements of the clock.

Bird Lover's Cuckoo Clock

First Peek: The Birds

Okay, now fast forward to this morning when photos of the birds arrived in my inbox. Yippee!

Please take a look and comment below. I’m withholding my opinion so as not to influence yours.

Bird Lover's Cuckoo Clock



Bird Lover's Cuckoo Clock



Bird Lover's Cuckoo Clock

To give you an idea of scale, the cardinal is 3.9″ according to the ruler in the first photo. (cm to in.)

What do you think? Please chirp up by commenting below.

Oodles of thanks for your help,