Design Process

Get a behind-the-scenes peek at how cuckoo clock designer Jodie Davis develops her designs with her team of craftsmen.

Cuckoo Clock Hands 22
Designing cuckoo clocks is just like designing quilts. Some ideas work themselves out easily while others take time and patience (and fortitude!). The Log Cabin Quilt Cuckoo Clock was very much the first case. Quilts […]

Log Cabin Quilt Design

Barn Cuckoo 9
  The Quintessential American Barn Cuckoo Clock That’s my goal: to create a clock that says American farm through-and-through. It’s been interesting to reflect on such a notion. Being from New England I had in […]

American Barn Design

Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock
I’m cuckoo for… birds!   So naturally, my second cuckoo clock design is a clock for bird lovers. A departure from the traditional Black Forest cuckoo clock, the Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock is¬†simpler. The clock […]

Backyard Birds Design