The Cuckoo Clock Designer in the News on the Mission of Spreading Smiles

The American Cuckoo Clock CompanyAugust 2018 I was featured in an Atlanta online news site, VoyageATL. They specialize is finding interesting people in the area. Fun reads!




Birds & BloomsThe Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock was featured in the September 2016 issue of Birds & Blooms Magazine. The contest garnered more entries than any other they had run before. Such great news as this was the clock’s debut.





Birds and Blooms GiveawaySeptember 2016 The Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock is featured in the Great Backyard Giveaway of Birds and Blooms magazine. Wonder who the lucky winner will be!







APQ Aug 2016August 2016 American Patchwork and Quilting ran the clock in their products page. It garnered a lot of interest.





Publicity LOQ2007What an honor to be in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine! I’ve been reading QNM almost since day 1. Bonnie Leman started the magazine at her kitchen table. I saved every issue. For quilters today I know it’s hard to imagine that 1. There was only one magazine, 2. There were no quilting fabric companies, just lots of polyester, and 3. the rotary cutter wasn’t invented yet! Read more about Bonnie.







Publicity LOQ2007Cover0003Here’s the cover of the QNM issue in which the Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock appeared.








Keepsake NewsletterOne day Keepsake Quilting came knocking. They ran the clock in a dedicated newsletter. Wow!






Kickstarter FinalThe Kickstarter campaign was successful! I couldn’t believe that we reached our goal. This meant that yes people wanted the clock and validated the price I needed to get to make it a viable business.






Cuckoo April 21 2014April 2014 The Kickstarter campaign that started it all!