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Every trip to the Black Forest has to include a visit to the House of 1,000 Clocks in the heart of cuckoo country, Triberg, Germany. Since I hadn’t been to the Black Forest in ten years, this was my first stop on my way from the trade show in Frankfurt to my lodgings in Furtenwagen. I was especially curious to see the shop again, as the owner had expressed an interest in my clock designs.

Just a few doors up from the famous Triberg Waterfalls, the House of 1,000 Clocks lives up to its name — over-delivering I’m sure — by offering offers hundreds upon hundreds of clocks for sale. Truly a cuckoo clock lovers paradise!

Upon entering the front door the visitor is greeted by a huge carved clock and a traditional clock peddler who, animated, welcomes you to the store.

Top on the list for most every tourist is to buy a cuckoo clock while in Germany. This shop is the place. the selection is fantastic and you can’t beat seeing the clocks in person. I hear over and over again from my customers that my clocks are even better in real life. Photos simply don’t do them justice.

From traditional to modern, every imaginable style and design of cuckoo clock is on display.
Of the unusual offerings at the shop is this carved clock topped with a bollenhut. Worn by women in a small region of the Black Forest the hat was adorned with 11 enormous pompoms in either red (unwed) or black (married).

Taking the (Black Forest) cake for the most unusual clock, is this exquisitely carved cuckoo. But the clock is simply a canvas for 617 Swarvoski crystals  and Swarvoski pandas and gold bears. It looks like the magically iced trees sparkling in the bright morning light along my route down to Zurich as I headed home a few days later. Yes, you can own in for 26,900 Euro!

The House of 1,000 Clocks is #2 of 13 Things to Do In Triburg. Well-deserved!

~ Jodie

P.S. Great Customer Story: A quilter contacted me to order a Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock from one of my first shipments. She and her husband had tickets for their dream trip to the Black Forest, planning to find and buy a clock while there. She said she had never seen a cuckoo clock that spoke to her, until she saw my clock. So picture the two of them at them arriving at a cuckoo clock shop primed for long-awaited purchase. They walked into the shop and her husband said, “Okay, find your clock.” She replied, “I already have. It was designed by a quilter in America and is on its way to our house from the manufacturer just a few kilometers from here.”

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4 thoughts on “Cuckoo Clock Heaven! House of 1,000 Clocks Triberg, Germany

  • Michele Hopper

    We received my Grandpa’s Hunter’s Cuckoo Clock. It is 20″ tall 15″wide and 7-1/2″ deep.. this is a large clock but it is missing the Horn and mouth piece. Can you tell us how to find a replacement parts?

    • JOdieRD Post author

      Hi Michele,

      A cuckoo clock doc will be able to help you. Or, if you want to try to find them yourself, I suggest that you post a photo and ask on this message board: I bet they can tell you who made the clock, etc.

      It’s wonderful that you have this piece of family history and want to restore it!


  • Corine

    I have an eight day German cuckoo clock which has three weights. With that said the weight on the left hand side which is the one that makes the music chime go… will not chime just once. It keeps chiming over and over until the weight has completely landed to the end. Any suggestions to what I can look for to try to fix it? Please and thank you.

    • JOdieRD Post author

      Hi Corine,

      I’m not a cuckoo doc — but I’m learning! — so I can’t give you a knowledgeable answer. You can ask the cuckoo folks over at They will be able tot ell you what’s involved in fixing it. From there you can decide if it’s a DIY repair or if a cuckoo doc is warranted.

      Good luck!