An enchanted walk in the birdsong-filled woods, the hand made and painted Birdwatcher Cuckoo Clock features a host of charming activity on the hour and half hour: the cuckoo sings from a bird box, a Towhee “pecks’, a birdwatcher raises her (or his — there are two versions) binoculars, and a winking sun. A bird lover’s dream! Handmade in America from genuine Black Forest cuckoo clockworks.

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The Birdwatcher Cuckoo Clock

Constructed entirely of wood, using genuine Black Forest clockworks, the Birdwatcher Cuckoo Clock is the first cuckoo clock made in America in decades. No wonder it looks so American!

American Made

Jodie chose poplar, a wood quite similar to the linden wood used in Black Forest clock making, not for the kinship, but also for the nuances of the wood that show through her paints and stains. The poplar lends the clock an earthiness appropriate for a woodsy clock.

Authentic Black Forest Clockworks

innards for cuckoo clocks are made in the Black Forest even to this day? Jodie imports the Regula movements, bellows, the shut off lever, the carved cuckoo, etc. for all of The American Cuckoo Clock Company designs.

Speaking of which, when he cuckoo calls on the hour and half hour the American birds (in case you’re wondering, yes,  we do have several species of cuckoo in north America) a series of animations follows. The Towhee pecks the forest floor and the Birdwatcher lifts her binoculars to get a better look at the Cardinal. But there’s more. The sun peeks out from behind the trees and winks!

Details About Jodie’s Birdwatcher Cuckoo Clock

    • Constructed entirely of wood (poplar, some sourced from Jodie’s hamlet of Hickory Flat, Georgia), including the clock box and the decorative parts
    • Hand made trees, birds, etc. are individually hand painted.
    • It’s animated! On the hour and half hour the cuckoo pops out of his door, the Birdwatcher raises her binoculars to get a close look at the Cardinal, the Towhee pecks, and the sun winks.
    • Made in American using genuine Black Forest Cuckoo Clock parts
    • Brass 1-day Regula movement from Schonach, Germany requires daily winding
    • Cuckoo can be silenced with pull down shut-off
    • Instructions for setting up and caring for the clock are included
    • Two year warranty
    •  Measures 14.5″ W x 16.5″ T x 8″ D minus pendulum and weights
    •  Traditional cast pine cone weights
    • 100% Satisfaction — Smiles — Guarantee
    • Designed by Jodie Davis in Hickory Flat, Georgia
    • Only available in North America
    • Free Shipping in the US! For shipping to other locations please e-mail us for a shipping quote
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