The Limited Edition Backyard Birds Cuckoo ClockBirds Cuckoo Clock

A bird lover since my childhood when I headed early in the morning to watch the Great Horned Owls return to their nest, my second clock simply had to star birds. I designed this clock to look like a bird feeder, so we can bring the outdoors is.

It’s animated! When the cuckoo sings, the Blue Bird feds the baby (aka cuckoo) and the Cardinal pecks.

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When searching for bird images to show the carvers at Schneider my idea I found Lance Long’s Etsy shop. I fell in love! He agreed to carve birds for 100 clocks. But that’s it. This is your opportunity to get a limited edition!


The American Barn Cuckoo Clock

Barn ClockWhat could be more American than the family farm? In my quest to reinvent the cuckoo clock this icon of America simply had to up front in the line up. Not only is the barn an icon of American goodness, but everyone loves animals. From the Holstein cow to the tiny mouse on the stall door, each animals is hand carved in Germany.

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When the cuckoo calls the farmer hoes. Then, music plays and a bay horse pops in and out of his stall. Funny how he resembles my horse Harley. Hum… Surely a coincidence!


The Quilt Shop Cuckoo ClockThe Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock

This is the one that started it all!

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When a TV show for quilters I was hosting was sent to Switzerland to shoot an episode at Bernina I saw taping a second episode as my opportunity to get a a rare peek inside.a cuckoo clock factory.When cameras were about to roll I asked if we could tweak the clock to look like a quilt shop for our viewers. They bit! Next thing I knew, to have one for myself I had to order 100. Thank goodness 99 others were cuckoo for my crazy design too!


Jodie Davis