Jodie Davis Cuckoo Clock DesignerOh what a dream! To get a peek inside a cuckoo clock factory! Better yet, inside the Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clock Factory, the best of all! And better still, while they are making my cuckoo clocks! Someone should have taken a photo of my face when I walked into the Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clock Factory and saw this. I had no idea they were working on my clocks that day.

Birds Cuckoo Clock

Not just one, but both the Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock and the Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock at the same time!

Regula movements

Authentic Black Forest Clockworks

It all starts with the parts. Regula movements — only the best! — ready for installation into the clock cases.

cuckoo clock parts

The stacks of boxes and the fabric bolts for the kitty to hop on ooze color in their box awaiting installation.Clock weights

Stacks of weights for both 8-day and 1-day clocks. Looks like art to me.

cuckoo clock cases

The cases arrive from the case maker all ready for the movements and bellows to be installed and the goodies added on.cuckoo clock maker

Here, the animated kitty is being added.

Cuckoo Clock Maker

Cuckoo Clock Making

When all of the parts are installed the linkages are hooked up and the clock is tested and tweaked until the cuckoo emerges from his door and coos and the figures move in perfect unison.

cuckoo clock quality


Once everything is just right on the clock maker’s bench the clocks are hung for testing.
testing cuckoo clocks

They are checked for keeping accurate time, the correct operation of the animation, and a perfect cuckoo.
Inside the Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clock Factory

Once a clock is just right it is ready for boxing. Not all make the first cut! Schneider is known for their quality for good reason.Tobias cuckoo clock maker and Jodie Davis designer

When we were introduced clock maker Tobias he was visibly happy to meet me. It means a lot to know the people we work with, especially when such love of the craft is involved. Few have these skills today, so I treasure the Schneider team not only for what they do for me, but for keeping the craft of the cuckoo clock alive. Many of you reading this are quilters, this has even deeper meaning for us.

Jodie Davis