Log Cabin Quilt Design 22

Designing cuckoo clocks is just like designing quilts. Some ideas work themselves out easily while others take time and patience (and fortitude!). The Log Cabin Quilt Cuckoo Clock was very much the first case.

Log Cabin Quilt

Quilts and Clocks That Seem to Design Themselves

I have a quilt that I use at lectures as an example of a piece that popped up and told me it needed to be made; and almost made itself. This was the case with this clock. As I’m writing this I remembered that it’s a paper pieced quilt of log cabins from my book “Hometown Quilts.” Both log cabins!

This clock simply popped into my mind. I drew it out and sent it off to my laser guy, Paul.

Log Cabin Quilt Cuckoo Clock

Block layouts I considered.

When the first rendition came back it was almost perfect, even better than I imagined.

Log Cabin Cuckoo Clock

The first laser cut clock pieces.

The Log Cabin Quilt Cuckoo Clock is simply a draped log cabin quilt, covering the front and top and bottom and sides of the cuckoo case as if it were a quilt on a bed. My aim is for it to be all about the log cabin pattern. So just a cuckoo. No animation.

Log Cabin Cuckoo Clock

Rehearsing clock dial idea. Too distracting from the pattern!

For the dial, I considered brass or copper circles or squares stamped with numbers. But my test using pennies looked to fussy, they distracted from the quilt pattern. Simple is almost always better, so I chose a font and put numerals in four of the red squares, leaving the other numbers out so they wouldn’t interrupt the design. Then I designed clock hands to the correct length.

Cuckoo Clock Hands

A Wooden Quilt That Cuckoos!

Once all those decisions were made I designed a case in VCarve and cut it out on my Iconic CNC. Then I attached the quilt parts to the case. I put the movement in, then took it to Keith the cuckoo guru who helped me tweak it to exactly my vision!

Keith Seabolt Clock Doctor


As I write this the first batch of hand painted quilt pieces are in and top coated. Look at the color!

General Finishes


Learn more about the Log Cabin Quilt Cuckoo Clock.


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22 thoughts on “Log Cabin Quilt Design

  • Debby Schneider

    What a great idea to use a quilt pattern for the face of a cuckoo clock! This is a perfect gift for quilters. I want two of them.

    • JOdieRD Post author

      LOL Debby! If people want them I could do other quilt patterns as well. That’s the beauty of designing and making them here. An idea can come to life in a matter of weeks rather than years.

      Thanks for egging me on with your enthusiasm!


    • JOdieRD Post author

      Hi Maggie,

      This one has the same movement, etc. inside. The rest is made in America!

      I decided that it’s beauty is in its simplicity, so no animation.

      I will have a finished prototype by the end of the month. Can’t wait!

      Thanks for the kind words regarding the Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock.

      Best wishes,


    • JOdieRD Post author

      Thank you!
      It’s quite a departure from tradition and from the highly successful Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock, so I appreciate your thumbs up and am anxious to get it out!


  • Lori Barber

    I really love clocks! I have 35 anniversary clocks that ring on the hour! Romantic don’t you think💗
    I also love teaching quilting.owned a shop for more than 20 years

  • RRIS

    This is full of such wit! I’m in love with very traditional forested type Black Forest cuckoo clocks, since childhood. However. This one is just such a brilliant blend of very modern cuckoo and very, very tradtional quilt — I’m in love with it!
    I’d’ve thought I’d prefer a Star pattern of some type, Ohio Stars in blocks, or a large Morning Star, perhaps in Northern Native American style with woodland flowers applique’d in the large set-in corner squares and side triangles…
    Sure. Gorgeous, in my mind. However, the total brilliant wit of this log cabin, SURPRISE it’s a CUCKOO clock? I’m delighted and in love!

    Is there a link for seeing it in action?

    • JOdieRD Post author

      Hi RRIS,

      Your comments do my heart good! This clock is a leap of faith as it is has nothing traditional about it other than the innards.

      If you do Facebook, please like my page. With the rebranding announced I will be giving lots of inside peeks into the design, development, and production process of the clocks. And I will ask even more than I have for ideas an opinions as I decide and and develop designs. In fact, when I had the Log Cabin Cuckoo Clock only on paper I asked for input, including the color scheme. So you can have a vote!
      Here’s a link: https://www.facebook.com/TheAmericanCuckooClockCompany/

      Nope, no video yet. I really, really wanted to have something animated on it, but the beauty is in the simplicity. So it only cuckoos. A plain off whitish modernish cuckoo. I will post a video on Facebook and Instagram in the next few weeks. Once I have completed clocks in stock I’ll post a video on the clock’s page of course. And I will send out a newsletter so you’ll know.

      FYI I envisioned a clock much like you described. The problem is that they are hand painted. All of that minute detail is impossible at this scale. Yes, in the design process I have many “rats!” moments.

      Oh — another reason for Facebook — this week I am going to ask for input on one or both of the other two designs that will be in this line. One is a Double Wedding Ring, a square on-point, and the other is a triangle. I’m going to ask for color recommendations for the DWR and quilt pattern ideas for the Triangle.

      Thanks for your enthusiasm!!!


    • JOdieRD Post author

      Hi Jean,

      Thanks! Don’t know if you know, but I was in the industry for years, over 30 books, hosted a bunch of shows, did HSN for Accuquilt, was on the Quilt Alliance board… in fact it was a show I was hosting that was sent to Bernina in Switzerland that got me to the cuckoo clock factory to design that first clock. Funny how life works.

      I’ve got two more models in the Log Cabin Quilt Cuckoo Clock series coming up. And I plan to design a more American version of the Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock as well.

      Thanks so much for your comment. It helps a ton to know what people like!