On the Drawing Board: The Log Cabin Quilt Cuckoo Clock 8

Designing cuckoo clocks is just like designing quilts. Some ideas work themselves out easily while others take time and patience (and fortitude!).

I have a quilt that I use at lectures as an example of a piece that popped up and told me it needed to be made; and almost made itself. This was the case with this clock. As I’m writing this I remembered that it’s a paper pieced quilt of log cabins from my book “Hometown Quilts.” Both log cabins!

Log Cabin Quilt

This clock simply popped into my mind. I drew it out and sent it off to my laser guy, Paul.

Log Cabin Quilt Cuckoo Clock

Block layouts I considered.

When the first rendition came back it was almost perfect, even better than I imagined.

Log Cabin Cuckoo Clock

The first laser cut clock pieces.

The Log Cabin Quilt Cuckoo Clock is simply a draped log cabin quilt, covering the front and top and bottom and sides of the cuckoo case as if it were a quilt on a bed. My aim is for it to be all about the log cabin pattern. So just a cuckoo. No animation.

Log Cabin Cuckoo Clock

Rehearsing clock dial idea. Too distracting from the pattern!

For the dial, I considered brass or copper circles or squares stamped with numbers. But my test using pennies looked to fussy, they distracted from the quilt pattern. Simple is almost always better, so I chose a font and put numerals in four of the red squares, leaving the other numbers out so they wouldn’t interrupt the design. Then I designed clock hands to the correct length.

Cuckoo Clock Hands


Green colorway cuckoo clock

Hum, what about a second colorway? After all, one of the reasons for my business is to make clocks that fit into our homes. Color is certainly a factor.

As I write this those changes are being made to the wood pieces by Paul Barney. I’ll update this as I make more progress!


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8 thoughts on “On the Drawing Board: The Log Cabin Quilt Cuckoo Clock

  • Debby Schneider

    What a great idea to use a quilt pattern for the face of a cuckoo clock! This is a perfect gift for quilters. I want two of them.

    • JOdieRD Post author

      LOL Debby! If people want them I could do other quilt patterns as well. That’s the beauty of designing and making them here. An idea can come to life in a matter of weeks rather than years.

      Thanks for egging me on with your enthusiasm!


    • JOdieRD Post author

      Hi Maggie,

      This one has the same movement, etc. inside. The rest is made in America!

      I decided that it’s beauty is in its simplicity, so no animation.

      I will have a finished prototype by the end of the month. Can’t wait!

      Thanks for the kind words regarding the Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock.

      Best wishes,


    • JOdieRD Post author

      Thank you!
      It’s quite a departure from tradition and from the highly successful Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock, so I appreciate your thumbs up and am anxious to get it out!