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Having discovered 70’s cuckoo clocks and collecting them on eBay, I itched to design one, as I had a rubber duckie, to celebrate my love of quilting. A pie in the sky dream for sure! Or so I thought. The impossible, Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock, was in fact in my future!

Cuckoo Clock Shop for Quilters

Creating an Opportunity

Back in– gosh, 2006 was it? — the opportunity arose. I headed off to the Bernina Sewing Machine Company in Switzerland with a producer and cameraman to shoot several episodes of a TV series for quilters I was hosting at the time. “So, let’s see… That’s real close to Germany… How do I knit together quilting and cuckoo clocks and turn it into a show? Design a cuckoo clock for quilters of course!”

There was one itsy bitsy problem. My German distributor contact here in the States didn’t think the folks at the factory would get as excited as I over the idea. Regardless, off we went, an American TV show wanting to do a story on the making of cuckoo clocks seemed to be enough for the Schneider Cuckoo Clock  factory to put out the welcome mat.

Quilter Rubber Duckie


Upon our arrival in Schonach we toured the factory to plan our shoot. As we geared up for taping in the sales room, I pitched the idea of designing a quilt-inspired clock for viewers. And held my breathe. The response wasn’t cold,