Barn Cuckoo 9
  The Quintessential American Barn Cuckoo Clock That’s my goal: to create a clock that says American farm through-and-through. It’s been interesting to reflect on such a notion. Being from New England I had in […]

On the Drawing Board: The American Barn Cuckoo Clock

Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock
    I’m cuckoo for… birds!   So naturally, my second cuckoo clock design is a clock for bird lovers. A departure from the traditional Black Forest cuckoo clock, the Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock is simpler. […]

On the Drawing Board: The Bird Lovers Cuckoo Clock

Two big events are taking place in my life this month: There are finally enough Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clocks to start offering them for sale and Project Feederwatch launches its 30th year! Project Feederwatch On […]

The Backyard Birds Clock Supports Project Feederwatch

  Yes, you can win an authentic, German, animated Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock! Designed by American Jodie Davis, the clock is made by Schneider Cuckoo Clock Company in Schonach, Germany. The birds are hand carved by […]

The Great Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock Giveaway

  Two New Custom Cuckoo Clocks Coming This Fall! Win a Quilting Rubber Duckie! With the success of the Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock, you have told me there is a need for American designed cuckoo clocks. […]

Two New Custom Cuckoo Clocks Coming This Fall!

Help! The factory sent me photos of the birds they made for our next clock, the Bird Lover’s Cuckoo Clock.  I’d like your reaction. But let’s start at the beginning. Bird Lover’s Cuckoo Clock Concept […]

Design #2: Bird Lover’s Cuckoo Clock