Each of my cuckoo clocks is 100% made in the Black Forest by Anton Schneider, Schonach Germany. Even the chains!
Anton Schneider clocks are certified by the Black Forest Clock Association which was formed to maintain the integrity of the made-in-the-Black-Forest name and ensure to consumers that they are in fact purchasing the real thing, an authentic perfectly operating weight-driven Black Forest Cuckoo Clock.
Every Schneider cuckoo clock carries a two-year warranty. I have writteninstructions to help you setup your clock which I send with each clock I ship, plus have posted the information online as well as videos for those of us (me!) who are visual learners. Schneider’s top clock doc in the U.S. is just a phone call away for any questions I can’t answer.
My aim is to design cuckoo clocks with an contemporary aesthetic, reflecting our passions, suitable for our homes today, crafted with the timelessness and quality of the cuckoo clocks we cherish from our childhood.
My goal is to spread smiles!
~Jodie Davis, The Cuckoo Clock Designer

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