Two-Year Limited* Warranty

Each of our clocks is hand crafted using genuine Black Forest clockworks and quality tested to last a lifetime, to become a family heirloom.

We back each clock with a two-year warranty. Simply contact us with any questions and we will get your clock running — and you smiling!

*Naturally, we can’t be responsible for and damage to or mishandling of your clock. But we will find someone to help you get that stuck chain that your grandchild pulled too hard fixed.

A Lifetime of Support — In America!

With American Cuckoo Clock Company clocks, you needn’t try to contact the manufacturer in Germany, or find an authorized technician state-side, when you have concerns regarding your clock.

We, the manufacturer, are right here in Hickory Flat, Georgia ready to answers any questions you may have about your American Cuckoo Clock Company clock.

And we mean for the lifetime of the clock!